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Sunday Workshops: Luther King – Djembe Drumming | 16 April 2023


Sunday workshops at Christchurch, Green Lane, Stamford Date: 16 April 2023, Time: 3-4.30pm Subject: Djembe drumming Tutor: Luther King For more information about Luther see below.  

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About Luther King

I am a drummer playing mostly Djembe drums.

I have been in the music industry for over 20 years, from being part of a world tour to playing at festivals and teaching music in schools all over the UK.

I play rhythms from all over the world, mostly on my Djembe drums. These goblet-shaped, skin-covered drums are played with bare hands and really help relieve stress. Music is the language of the world and always brings happiness, which in turn creates a  feeling of togetherness.

In many cultures and traditions since ancient times, music has been an important part of prayer and meditation because of the inherent power latent in sound vibration.

Whether it is for a party or event, education or coaching, therapy and stress relief, team building groups and classes, you will have to come and experience the power of drumming together!

Contact Details:
Tel: (+44) 07391 496 021
I am also on social media



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